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Welcome! (I have no idea what I'm doing)

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

I have two confessions to make:

1. This isn't my first time starting a blog. There is some poor, neglected, half-assed little thing on Blogger and I'm sure I haven't checked since I last checked my MySpace page, complete with The Used heart Wallpaper...yikes. We should probably do ourselves a favor and forget about both of those.

2. I am not much of a Blog Reader. I prefer podcasts because I can do other things simultaneously and most of my reading consists of novels and nonfiction books. You can check out my Goodreads profile for specifics. As I perfect the blog, I may try to read more of them, but no promises! I'm content in my hypocrisy for now.

I wish I had a desk that cool and clean^

Intentions for this Blog

From the blogs that I have seen, I see a lot of fluff. I'm madly scrolling through the blog to get to that recipe and there are pages and pages of extra information and irrelevant anecdotes. I want this Blog to feel informal and candid, but I want it to be focused and clear at the same time. I've set some parameters for myself that I hope will serve to accomplish the vibe I'm going for here.

1. Posts will be limited to 1,000 words, unless there is a really good reason to extend them

2. I will try to keep Blog content at this ratio: 70% Writing/Editing/Marketing commentary and 30% will be other tidbits including but not limited to: Book Reviews, Discussions about Film/Video Games.

3. Each post will have a central, focused theme. If the theme is broader, it may be broken up into several smaller posts that will link to each other.

As promised, I'm keeping it short and simple.

Constructive Criticism is always welcome as I am committed to improving my craft, both within and without this blog. Leave a comment below and be sure to sign up for the mailing list so you know when new content is up!

Taylor Elise

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