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My Word for 2021

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything for my blog, so hello again.

I kept meaning to write, but I’ve been so…




In Despair?

I’m sure that this past year has brought out these emotions for all of us in some way. I’ve been extremely privileged to remain employed and relatively healthy in the current pandemic, but I know it has taken its toll on most peoples’ mental health and mine too.

I’m looking back at my goals for 2020 and I really underperformed this year in terms of my writing. The difference between our expectations and reality is killer. But—it’s not the time to be hard on ourselves. It’s time to look to a new day, a turning of the page, etc. (insert your favorite New Year cliché here).

In order to set my intentions for the year, I’m picking out a word that will be my theme for 2021. This is what I will focus on and what I want to bring into my life in the coming year. It’s important that I say that this idea is not mine—a scrapbooker and cool internet person named Allie Edwards came up with this idea and has a whole range of products and workshops surrounding the concept of using one word to sum up your aims for the year. If you like scrapbooking/journaling, I would definitely check out her stuff.

My word for 2021 is Launch

-to burst out or plunge boldly or directly into action, speech, etc.

-to start off or set in motion {to launch a scheme}

-to put (a new product) on the market

-to propel with force

-to involve (oneself) totally and enthusiastically {to launch oneself into work}

I contemplated the word start or commence but launch packs a larger punch in my opinion. I’m ready to start writing and working on my business instead of just dreaming about it. I want to be ready to launch myself and my projects forward despite my fears and the work involved. I’m hoping to launch my first novel (one of a two part sci-fi adventure series) in early 2022, as well as a cult suspense novella in October 2021.

When I first picked my word, I was mostly focusing on my creative and business goals, but I like that launch also invites me to put my thoughts and personal philosophies into the world through concrete action and get involved in something. Last year, my partner and I worked on a list of family values that we would try to implement and embody. I think I will try to work with that some more—bringing our lives in closer alignment with our views and beliefs.

What goals have you set for this year? What tools are you using to help you reach those goals?

Let me know in the comments!

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