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About Me

Taylor Elise is a fiction writer and poet from West Texas. She graduated with a BA in English at Texas Tech University with a concentration in Creative Writing. She is a co-founder and editor at Steel House Review. 

Besides writing, she loves reading, playing video games, exploring the great outdoors, and cats.

Privacy Policy
Your data is personal and I want to keep it that way. I only use the data that you've given me for my own marketing purposes and I will never give out and/or sell your information to third parties. I may occasionally promote other authors' products through my email list, but I will never give anyone your information. I use Mailchimp for contact management and you can read about their privacy policy here.
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On Affiliate Marketing
I currently do not have any business partnerships or affiliate marketing contracts. The things I link to as of now are just things I personally find cool or just giving credit where credit is due. If I ever do develop a business relationship or affiliate marketing agreement, this will be clearly marked at the top of the post. I will only ever promote products and services that  align with my ethical beliefs and create value in my life or in the life of someone I know.
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